Two Ways to Map the Side Button or Bixby on a Samsung Galaxy Phone to Google Assistant

Two Ways to Map the Side Button or Bixby on a Samsung Galaxy Phone to Google Assistant

Samsung Galaxy Phone Bixby Assistant: A unique method of bringing up the digital assistant on a Samsung Galaxy phone is to use the dedicated Bixby key or Side button. Thus, Bixby appears when you long-press the Power or Bixby buttons. However, you may alter which button to press to activate that if you use Google Assistant as your virtual assistant. Although Bixby cannot be directly remapped to Google Assistant by Samsung, there are ways to get Google Assistant to appear when you press the side button.

Bixby Key vs Side Button Battle

  • Note 8, Note 9, S10, Note 9, and Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, S10, Bixby key.
  • Samsung Galaxy S20, S21, S22, S23, and S24 series have side buttons.

The Power button on Galaxy S20 and later models also serves as the multipurpose Side button. Depending on how you press it (short, long, or double-press), it can accomplish a number of different things, like turning off the phone, opening particular apps, or starting Bixby. The phone’s Side button toggles the screen on and off by default, but a lengthy press brings up Bixby.

You can change how it works by going to Settings > Advanced features > Side button. There, you can remap the key so that when you long press it, the Power-off menu appears rather than Bixby.

You can also customise the double-press feature to open apps and the camera. But none of these shortcuts can start Google Assistant. Visit Our HomePage:

How to Remap the Side Button to Google Assistant on Galaxy Phones

Even though saying “Hey Google” is effective, it’s not always practical, particularly when privacy is an issue. To be honest, you might find that using the Power button is more convenient than using Bixby. Remapping the Side Key (or Power button) on your Samsung phone to access Google Assistant is simple thanks to the Good Lock modules. To get going, choose one of the approaches.

Method 1: Using the Routines+ Good Lock Module

Good Lock allows you to add mini-modules to Samsung Galaxy phones that extend the customization options available in One UI. A Good Lock module called Routines+ provides modifications and triggers that aren’t present in the standard Routines app.

It may be used to programmatically initiate Google Assistant when you long-press the Side button. This is how you do it:

  1. On your phone, install the Good Lock app from the Samsung Store and the Google Assistant app from the Play Store.
  2. Select the Life Up tab after opening the Good Lock app. To install the Routines Plus module, scroll down.
  3. Navigate to the Routines tab by going to Settings > Modes and Routines.
  4. Press the Plus sign (+) located in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  5. Select “Add” to start this program.
  6. If the Routines+ Good Lock module is installed, scroll to Routines + and select Button action.
  7. Choose the Press and hold interaction and the Side key. Tap Done.
  8. Tap Add what this routine will do to add what happens when you long-press the side button.
  9. Select the Apps.
  10. Choose Open Assistant from the list of apps to open, then touch Done.
  11. Select Save and change the routine’s name and symbol to suit your tastes. Although you can choose any name, I would call it “Google Assistant.”
  12. To save the procedure, select Done at the end.

Once you have remapped the Side button to launch Google Assistant, feel free to test it out a few times. Thus, your phone will launch Google Assistant rather than the Bixby app when you long-press or press and hold the Side button, also known as the Power key.

Note: Install Routines+ and Nice Lock from APKMirror if Good Lock isn’t accessible in your area. Nice Lock is a launcher software for Good Lock customization modules.

Method 2: Using the RegiStar Good Lock Module

RegiStar is a Good Lock module that lets you customize the Settings app and press and hold the Back-Tap and Side-Key keys to rapidly access helpful functions. Here’s how to get Google Assistant to start on your Samsung phone when you press and hold the Power button.

  • On your Samsung Galaxy phone, launch the Good Lock application.
  • Install the RegiStar module by selecting the Life Up tab.
  • To open RegiStar, go to the top of the list and tap it. Give it the necessary authorizations.
  • Press and hold the Side Key while tapping. Turn it on by toggling it.
  • Select the action of “Access your Google Voice Assistant.”

Your Galaxy phone will launch Google Assistant every time you touch and hold the Power or Side keys, rather than Bixby. The button can be remapped to perform additional functions including turning on the flashlight, launching an application, navigating to the Recent apps menu, taking screenshots, and more.

In addition to using the Good Lock modules, you can remap the keys using third-party apps like bxActions (for Samsung phones with a dedicated Bixby button) and sideActions (for Samsung phones with Side Key). To alter the buttons, though, users need a paid subscription and ADB rights.

Bonus: Make Google your voice assistant of choice

To access the digital assistant on your Samsung phone, swipe inward from one of the lower screen corners. You probably have Bixby selected as your default if you see it instead of Google. On your Samsung Galaxy phone, you may adjust that and make Google your default assistant by following these steps:

  1. Select Default Apps by going to Settings > Apps.
  2. Select the Digital Assistant app by tapping on it.
  3. Select Google. To confirm, press OK.
  4. Verify that the Assistant app option is enabled in the Settings > Display > Navigation bar area.

Just swipe inward from the left or right corner to launch the Google Assistant app and wake up Google Assistant.

Enjoy The Samsung Galaxy’s Google Assistant!

Although Samsung does not allow you to directly remap the Power or Side buttons to Google Assistant, there are workarounds available through Good Lock modules and third-party software. It’s so smooth, you’ll hardly believe Bixby was ever there. However, if Bixby annoys you, think about disabling it and all of its features.

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