How to Force Stop Freezing Apps on Apple Vision Pro

How to Force Stop Freezing Apps on Apple Vision Pro

In our office, we’ve been trying the Apple Vision Pro, and we can say that it provides an incredible 3D experience. As a first-generation device, however, you might experience sporadic app crashes or slowdowns. To exit an app that is tucked on your Vision Pro or that is freezing, hit the bottom “X” button. To get things back on track, you might need to force close any apps that are utterly unresponsive. Here’s how to use your Apple Vision Pro to force an app to quit.

Close a Vision Pro app

You have the following options in visionOS to close an app if it’s acting erratic or slowing down your Apple Vision Pro:

How to Force Stop Freezing Apps on Apple Vision Pro
  • Consult Siri: Say “Hey Siri, close this” or “Hey Siri, close this app” while glancing at the app you wish to close.
  • Press the Close button to: Just beneath the app window, look. To end the active application, hit the X button on the horizontal bar that appears.
  • Pinch and hold: Select Close by pinching and holding the X button. Additionally, a Hide Others option will appear, hiding all other programs save the one you are now using.

Note: It’s likely that you didn’t enable Siri during setup if it’s not functioning. Go to Settings > Siri & Search to enable it.

Force-Stop a Vision Pro App

You can force an app to terminate on your Vision Pro headset if it stops responding and won’t close. This procedure is comparable to forcing an app to close on a Mac.

  1. To access the Force Quit Applications window, press and hold the top button as well as the Digital Crown on your Vision Pro.
  2. On your Vision Pro, tap the app that is frozen, not responding, not shutting, or just not functioning.
  3. The app name should have a check mark next to it to show that it has been chosen. Press the Force Quit button at the bottom now.
  4. Select Force In the pop-up that appears to confirm, quit once again.

Note: Pinch your thumb and index finger together while staring at the object to tap anywhere. As an alternative, move the window close enough so that your fingers can make direct contact with it.

You should force restart your Vision Pro if nothing works

You can forcibly restart your Apple Vision Pro if the forcibly Quit window doesn’t show up or if it’s not working properly.

Press and hold the top and Digital Crown buttons to accomplish this. Ignore the Force Quit Apps box and any other screen prompts while you continue to hold down the two buttons. When the screen on your Vision Pro goes dark, release the buttons. This should be a standard restart for your Vision Pro.

To manually switch it on, press and hold the top button for a minute or two if it doesn’t reboot. Remove the headset and detach the battery connector if trying a force restart doesn’t work. It will restart without any issues if you wait 30 seconds and plug it back in.

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