A tech news site is called Phonics India. The Phonics India platform’s goal is to provide all of you viewers with the most recent tech news. Every piece of news that is posted on our platform has been thoroughly researched and written by professionals.

The Phonics India Story

On May 15, 2023, the tech news platform Phonics India made its debut. Prior its creation, a great deal of research and labor were done. Prior to launching this platform, its creator worked on a number of websites. However, he was not quite satisfied with his work, so he decided to create his own platform so that all visitors could enjoy original, fact-based information.

This platform’s primary goal is to give users access to the most recent tech news, including TV, laptop, mobile, and other tech-related information.

Latest information related to tech news will be available on this website-

  • AI (Artificial intelligence)
  • Auto (Automobile)
  • Game
  • Tech (Technology)
  • Startup

Phonics India Team

There are now just two buddies that collaborate on the Phonics India site. Both buddies presently work on this news platform and have a lengthy history of working in this industry. In terms of their education, they are both presently working toward graduation.