The Top 5 Tricks and Advice for the Samsung Galaxy S24

The Top 5 Tricks and Advice for the Samsung Galaxy S24

The Top 5 Tricks and Advice for the Samsung Galaxy S24: It’s likely that if you purchased your Samsung Galaxy S24 recently or have had it for a while, you have taken off the protective cover or the plastic wrap. Perhaps you configured it with fast pair so that you could switch from your old Samsung phone to your new one without interruption, because you want the best possible performance out of it. You want to make the most of this expensive device, of course. We’ve put together the top Samsung Galaxy S24 hacks, techniques, and hidden features to assist you with that.

All three members of the Samsung Galaxy S24 family—the S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra—can utilize these helpful hints. We’ve covered every model, even if the S24 Ultra may have some unique characteristics.

#1. Improve the Sharpness of Your Screen (S24 Plus & Ultra)

Unlike the Galaxy S23 series, which only included an Ultra model, Samsung has equipped the Galaxy S24 Plus and S24 Ultra with QHD+ screens. With a refresh rate of 120 Hz, the display panels in the Galaxy S24 Plus and S24 Ultra can reach a maximum brightness of 2600 nits.

The Top 5 Tricks and Advice for the Samsung Galaxy S24
Samsung Galaxy S24 Tips & Tricks
  • Select Display from the Settings menu on your Galaxy S24 series phone.
  • Press the Screen Resolution button.
  • After choosing QHD+ 3120 x 1440, press Apply.

Although a higher resolution may use a little bit more power, the S24 Plus and Ultra’s big batteries (4900mAh and 5000mAh, respectively) can easily handle it.

Set the resolution to Full HD+ or use Bixby Routines to automatically swap between QHD+ and Full HD+ based on time, battery level, location, or certain apps if you still want to get the most out of your phone’s battery life. Phonics India

#2. Design a Unique Wallpaper Using Generative AI

Sharp images are what to expect after increasing the resolution. You can utilize a custom wallpaper that you produced on your phone for that. With the Galaxy S24, you can use Generative AI to generate original wallpapers that have calming effects like animated wallpapers.

Design a Unique Wallpaper Using Generative AI
Samsung Galaxy S24 Wallpapers

You can only utilize a mix of predefined words and sentences based on themes to build wallpapers, even though Galaxy AI creates them using cloud magic. The Samsung Galaxy S24 may produce an animated wallpaper in the following ways:

  • Launch the Samsung Galaxy S24’s Settings app.
  • Select Change Wallpapers under Wallpapers and Style. To access Wallpapers and Style, you can also pinch-to-zoom the home screen.
  • Navigate to the Creative section by swiping down and selecting Generative.
  • Select the topic that appeals to you from those that you see.
  • You receive a prompt with a few highlighted words after selecting a theme. Press and hold the italicized words to choose a word from the list.
  • Press the Generate button to finish.

From now on, Galaxy AI will create a wallpaper according to your preferences. You may then use it as your lock screen wallpaper, home screen wallpaper, or both.

To see a new wallpaper if you’re not happy with the current one, select Generate once more. However, if you tap the Generate button to make new wallpapers, there isn’t a way to save the ones that have previously been generated.

#3. Feature Weather on Your Lock Screen

The Photo Ambient Wallpaper is also available on the Samsung Galaxy S24 running One UI 6.1. This new wallpaper type modifies your lock screen wallpaper according to the local weather and time of day.

For example, your wallpaper will have a falling snow effect if it’s snowing outside. Your phone’s wallpaper will show rain if it’s raining. In a similar vein, light beams through your wallpaper during sunny days. It also conveys the time of day, be it day, night, or evening.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Lock Screen

Go to Settings > Advanced features > Labs before utilizing Photo Ambient wallpaper. Toggle on the toggle by tapping on the Photo Ambient wallpaper.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Wallpapers and Style > Change Wallpapers on your Samsung Galaxy S24.
  2. Under Creative, select the recently added Photo Ambient option. Press the Try On button.
  3. Choose a picture to set as your background image when you’re relaxing. For the best effects, we advise selecting outside pictures that were taken during the daytime.
  4. To see a preview of the weather effects, click the Play button in the bottom-left corner.
  5. To save, tap Done in the upper right corner.

This will make it the lock screen wallpaper for your Galaxy S24, named Photo Ambient. The time of day may not always be precise and it only supports a few weather conditions because it’s an experimental feature.

#4. Use the Always-On Display to Show Wallpaper

Apple debuted the Always On feature—a muted lock screen with the date, time, alerts, and widgets—with the iPhone 14 Pro. Samsung has also included a similar function in the Galaxy S24 series, which runs One UI 6.1.

Even while the phone is locked, the Galaxy S24’s Always On Display can display a toned-down version of your lock screen wallpaper. This is how you activate it.

  • Toggle between Lock Screen and AOD by opening Settings on the Galaxy S24.
  • Select “Always On Display.”
  • Turn on the Lock Screen Wallpaper Show option.
  • You might want to use the Erase Background feature if your wallpaper has images of people or animals on it. This will make the rest of the screen dark and just show the main subject of the shot.

Samsung has optimized it by automatically darkening the wallpaper in dark conditions and lowering the screen refresh rate on AOD. Additionally, the Erase Background option conserves battery life.

Even yet, it continues to use a lot more battery than the standard AOD. During a day of screen-off standby in mixed lighting, the AOD wallpaper on our Galaxy S24 Ultra utilized about 20% of the battery (with brightness fluctuating according to ambient light).

#5. Align the Wallpaper and Phone’s User Interface Colors

The Galaxy S24’s interface elements (buttons, menus, and icons) don’t always match your wallpaper, which is to be expected. You can match them, though, if you like the visual customisation that you find appealing. To align the phone’s theme colors with the wallpaper, take the following actions:

  • Select Wallpaper and Style from the Settings menu.
  • Select a color scheme.
  • Select a color from the options provided by your wallpaper by toggling on the Color Palette. Alternatively, if it doesn’t suit your taste, select one of the standard color selections.
  • Apply palette to app icons is an option. This is comparable to the themed icons feature on Android, which debuted with Android 12.
  • To save, tap Apply at the end.

The quick settings panel, lock screen clock, app icons, buttons, and other UI elements on your phone will all have the same color scheme.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Tips & Tricks

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